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Clare Law, The Silver Lining 

Clare’s sculptural and detailed method results in each year only a limited number of paintings being created. This exhibition, a year in creation, has brought together an unprecedented collection of works, offering an exciting opportunity to see a range of compositions from this talented artist. Clare’s passion and dedication has resulted in waiting lists for her work, with each year bringing highly successful exhibitions. Clare has been a featured artist in multiple publications and sells her work worldwide.

Each painting is created over many weeks, from the moment on site when the composition is considered and photographically captured, to the slow layering of thick luxurious oil paint. Bright with colour and deep with texture, the whole pleasurable process can be viewed in each painting as though you are standing by the artist, observing the magnificent view.

Clare Law 

Clare Law is an artist passionate about the landscape around her. She works from her studio in the heart of the beautiful Tamar Valley in Cornwall. Having been inspired by the richness of Impressionism throughout her life, her sculptural creative process involves a method of working using oils with only a small painting knife.


The Gardner (1).jpg

Clare Law, The Gardener

Her eye for detail enables Clare to fully explore and work with the complexity of light, colour and texture. In particular, she is drawn to the rich vegetation and scenes of water where the intricacy of all three values can be fully explored. Through this method, she is able to create beautiful vistas which celebrate nature. Her delight in the natural world is tangible and drives her need to embrace those perfect moments to be shared.

The importance of texture has been unconditional, conscious response to the physicality of the subject matter. The tonal values and light are beautifully observed and represented in the peaks and valleys of the oils.

Exhibiting from: 9th - 21st March 2020 

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