The Royal Arts Prize 2020

Exhibiting from February 20 - 29th

Sveva Altea

Every time we say Goodbye 120 x 100 cm, Oil on Canvas 

In my paintings, I'd like to bring the viewer into an ethereal Journey towards the immense mystery of the celestial sphere, As a reflection of the infinite unconscious.

Valentina Baicuianu

Muse, 160 x 120 cm, Acrylic on Canvas 

Art is an inner call, a spiritual need, there are so many things to communicate through my art. I am a self-educated artist. I value creativity, authenticity.


My focus is on the entire everyday life spectrum, my overall influence comes from life itself, people and my emotions. I aim to recreate the everyday characters through most of my portraits, aiming to catch a certain expression, a thought, an attitude. People are a never-ending source of creativity. Every portrait brings out a different message.


Terry Beard

Wasteland, 100 x 100 cm, Mixed Media on Canvas 

Terry studied textile design and worked for many years as a freelance textile designer and illustrator. She now works from a new studio in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens.


‘I am mainly interested in exploring ways of conveying a sense of depth, form and movement using abstract marks and elements such as blocks of colour and lines. In the last few years, I have been influenced by

man-made structures and mans’ intervention within natural and built environments, such as dilapidated industrial and agricultural buildings, artificial lights and building sites. I use a range of materials and processes to make my work, including screenprinting, collage and acrylics, and over time have developed my own unique way of working.’



Carol Brown 

Gray Days and Mondays III, 55 x 90 cm, Mixed Media on Acrylic

I am constantly inspired by my environment, nature all around me, beautiful moments, happening all around us and often overlooked. Capturing those moments as I see them and trying to convey how they make me feel, how they made me stop and take notice.


I observe and dream, romanticizing people and places and dealing with them in my idealized state. Through my art my journey of self- discovery has taught me to make my idealized world real. And share what I see.


Lise Couture 


If we could only stop time, 50 x 50 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


My artwork is a combination of contrasts; freedom of reacting in the moment, to be bold, fearless and playful while using various mark makings. Paintings are then balanced with discernment, analytical adjustments and refinement.


My work has been described as joyful, whimsical, happy and energetic. I use mostly acrylics, oil sticks, collage, monoprints, pencils and inks. Other tools such as scrapers, sandpapers, trowels are also some of favourite tools used with traditional ones.




Polina Dobrotina

Ganesh, 120 x 90 cm 

Polina Dobrotina is a London-based contemporary impressionist of Russian origin passionate about bringing Contemporary Impressionism to a new level.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant beauty of nature, Polina expresses raw emotions on canvas which the talent transforms not into the fine artwork but into the essence of life. These abstract impressionist paintings reflect young passions and desires, celebrating the love of life.




Arizona Eastwood

Down for Whatever, 36 x 28 cm, Oil on Stretched Canvas

I am an abstract expressionist painter, having recently started painting again after 10 years. There is one bold theme throughout my work; colour. I'm drawn to colour and how it makes me feel. The layering in my paintings explains my process as an artist.


I am made up of so many layers of emotions, which I've never really known how to channel, and when I started painting I understood that the layering process was like my life. I understood how to move on and leave the last emotional layer of us behind.


Robert Frankel 


Shapes and Colours 4, 101 x 76 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


I was always fascinated with the idea that colours can have an effect on our emotional, physical, and mental states. Examples of this can be found in expressions such as "having the blues" or "seeing red." I like to use bright bold colours set against each other in a geometric structure to create positive energy and motion. It is difficult to focus on a single point in my paintings without wanting to wander around the canvas.


Salome Gallan


New York by Night, 28 x 35 cm, Acrylic on canvas


Salome Gallan is an abstract painter from West London.

Her work is a colourful, energetic, expression of her own life experiences, thoughts, and dreams. She uses numerous layers, texture and vibrant colours to create a fun and uplifting feeling for the viewer.

Salome incorporates movement, hidden messages and a joyful flow in her work. Her work is a combination of mindfulness, simply capturing a thought, idea or feeling and transform it into a beautiful, bold piece of art. The artist has an empathetic nature, so by creating meaningful art, she has found a way to also motivate others to have a better understanding and positive outlook about life and the world we live in.










Gareth Hacon

Presence, 122 x 91 cm, Photographs bonded to Aluminium with matte seal floated in frame 

Gareth Hacon studied graphic design and moved into photography with an interest in open and closed spaces.


Having grown up by the sea, surrounded by vast horizons, the elements infused his perception of subtle changes. Using only natural illumination, composition and elemental changes Gareth Hacon strives to show and identify passages of time where a “defining moment” is captured. Gareth Hacon’s work is by emotion, response, location and light, though this is only a guidance to the finished form, experience and emotion are pivotal to finding the right moment of capture.





Angus Hampel 

Wisdom, 43 x 48 cm, Etching, aquatint and gold leaf on somerset rag. Edition of 33

My paintings are silent arisings and objects of meditation.


They are the wild and jubilant dances. They are attempts to show the wonder we forget when we look at the world and its on-going creation. It all depends on where you stand. Suddenly olives appear like fireflies and golden suns or moons dazzle. Everything is extraordinary. Gold helps here. It crosses the bridge between the secular and the spiritual. It conjures images of money and Midas, but also Greek orthodox icons and Buddhas.










Richard Harris 

hello handsome, 70 x 90 cm, DIgital Print 

I enjoy working with life-size mannequins as they gave me greater freedom to experiment with composition, lighting and time exposures. Unlike humans, they can be precisely manipulated
and/or juxtaposed to better explore the emotions and ideas in which I am interested. My mannequins are also very easy to work with as they do exactly as they’re told, can hold a pose indefinitely and rarely complain, and most don’t want to be paid.


Body Parts VI – The New Black These photographs are from the sixth shoot of my on-going Body Parts studio project in which I use life-size mannequins to explore personal, social and political themes that interest me. On this occasion, I wanted to examine my feelings about the nuclear family, particularly its darker side, when feelings of love and the desire to protect can merge and morph into something quite sinister.







Kelly Jenkins

Milkshake, 90 x 120 cm, Gold embroidery into Acrylics and Mixed Media

I create vibrant and tactile, abstract paintings that marry together highly detailed embroidery with fine art painting techniques. Playful and organic forms, harmonious yet bold colours, are stitched into dynamic embroidery compositions. These are stripped back to just a pure line, stroke, splatter or scribble; the basic, fundamental acts of mark-making; spontaneous and intuitive. Recreated in stitch they become considered and premeditated. Embellished in gold, they express a new status.


Kalli Kastori 

Rho-Fiera, 100 x 120 cm, Oil on Canvas

In a world in perpetual motion, the frozen moment functions as a revelation: it forbids anything fake, sham or pretentious and focuses on the essence of human communication – or
rather the lack of it.

The paintings focus on realistic images of the city’s inhabitants in states of inertia and relaxation, primarily in public places where the individual is present but does not feel at home. There the individual exists in counterpoint to the crowd: in the throng loneliness is revealed; in the noise, silence.

Gunilla Klemendz

Funny 2019”, 24 x 30 cm, Stoneware and Metal

Ever since I was a child, I have had an interest in drawing and painting. This interest has grown into a deep passion for sculpturing and I have been working with stoneware for the last 20 years. I also like to experiment and mix materials and I sometimes use metal in my pieces. The creative process fills me with true happiness, something that I hope is reflected in my art.

Danic Lago 


Blue Lotus, 71 x 61cm, Collage and Mixed Media


Danic Lago, a Brazilian-British artist based in London after having lived in Switzerland and Mexico, has always had a sharp eye for the world.


By exploring the different continents she has lived in, she began to translate her passion for beauty and aesthetic through her pieces. The poetry made by Danic in her mixed media handcrafted collages frame her delicate world-view, highlighting the mixture of reusable materials which tell new stories through their colours, textures and richness of detail. 

Sylvie Lexa

The Colours of Rocks, 40 x 40 cm, Prints on Aluminium or Canvas


I am a freelance artist who enjoys playing with colours and shapes, an amateur photographer of architecture, urban design, street scenes and of any object, landscape, or scenery that catch my eye.


The main driving forces of my creations are pattern repetition, colour contrasts combined with light exposure, and serendipity. I have always been attracted by geometric shapes, symmetry, and dissymmetry, or colour combinations and I have a geometric perception of the world around me. 

Henrik Martensen

Mountain Lake, 60 x 85 cm, Oil on Canvas

have been fascinated by nature all my life. I experience nature as a place filled with magic and spirituality. An overall theme in my paintings right now is about my concern for how we humans treat our world. I'm thinking of the increasing pollution, disturbing climate changes, and the negative consequences of it. In my paintings, I imagine the world in the near future after the fall of civilisation, where nature supremely has taken control, and mankind is a dying race fighting for its survival.



Elise Mendelle

A Slight of Hand, 52.5 x 62.5 cm, Oil on Canvas

London-based Elise Mendelle's paintings are about capturing a particular thought, feeling or gesture. The artist urges viewers to look beyond the brushstrokes to anticipate or imagine a narrative associated with each portrait. The works provide a storyboard of human behaviour and emotion and have been exhibited in Rome, Venice, New York and London.


Christina Michalopoulou

Kiss Me, 50 x 70 cm, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

I am a contemporary painter, living and working in Thessaloniki, Greece. My mediums are acrylic paint or oil colours on canvas surfaces. My paintings are figurative, realistic human figures and body parts, on surrealistic, abstract, pop or fictional environments.

Deeya Mirchandani

Devotion, 30cm x 30cm, mixed media on canvas

Deeya’s work endures a series of transformations, a push and pull of intent and flow. She is captivated by the conversation between colours and the new language which emerges from the resulting animation of paint. Her exploration stems from her interest in the movement of natural phenomena.



Angel, 90 x 90 cm, gold leaf and diamond dust Giclee Prints


I am a London based Artist whose work pays homage to those sights and sensations which surround me. My fascination with the female form, expression of colour and narrative is carefully crafted and woven together to produce a striking visual mixed media art form. Primarily working in the medium of paint and collage, my imagery draws on conventions and connections to the past. The process of creation owes much to chance, improvisation, and openness to outside source material. 

Stephen Murfitt


Lustred & Textured Vessel , 23 cm, Ceramic


My work is driven by an obsession with clay and its versatility. I make ceramic forms and vessels which are hand built and Raku-fired. I became addicted to Raku because of the direct involvement with each stage of the process. The pots absorb and reflect the intense drama of the firing. Influences are diverse and come from a fusion of visual elements seen in the natural and built environments. The effects of weathering, erosion and decay provide a constant source of reference. Small groups of related forms are hand built simultaneously. The slow and contemplative pace of coiling allows for considered developments and refinements to be made. Each stage of construction enables intuitive and selective marks and textures to occur. Glazing and firing methods are adapted to enhance the form and surface of each piece. This combination of the making, glazing and firing methods result in one-off pieces which are completely unique.

Monica Pennetti


Rescue, 25 cm, Clay


Since my earliest childhood I have a passion for drawing and painting as well as for any other form of creativity. Mostly, I paint with acrylic/oil on canvas, usually without having a concrete idea of what I paint. Lately I have discovered the art of doing sculptures, which I also elaborate without precise idea and whithin a very short time like a couple of hours. A work in my opinion is only then finished, when any additional touch or brushstroke just simply would be superfluous.

Caroline Piggott 

Long Way From Home, 52 cm x 41 cm, Oil on Canvas

I have always been curious in the power of storytelling both visually and verbally, working across the mediums of paint, clay and words. I am interested in how we frame our narrative, how we present or suggest our thoughts, drawing on historical and contemporary influences to capture my ideas.

Amy Sailsbury 

Fairy Pools Isle of Skye, 60cm, Mixed Acrylic on Circular Aluminium Panel

Welsh artist tackling the universe from above and below - I experiment with paint to express the colours and movements inspired by the photography of NASA and the cinematography of BBC series Blue Planet.


I attempt to not only highlight the beauty of the planet but to try and capsulate some issues such as the melting of glaciers and harsh habitats.


Storm, 30 x 40cm, Acrylic on Canvas

I position myself in the world of abstract expressionist art and work mainly with acrylic as a medium because I love its versatility. Its composition makes possible both solid 3-D layers and fluid aquatic forms. I am particularly fond of textures and the superposition of layers of colours. In order to bring vibrance to my paintings, I like to mix acrylic with other mediums, such as gold leaf, maché or even gravel, since the mixture of those elements creates magnificent and original effects.


Loraine Wilson


Three Pink Sails, 45 x 35 cm, Oil on Linen


My oil paintings represent stories of the Suffolk landscape, woodlands and coast local to me, inspired by the rhythms, patterns and paths which I visit regularly throughout the year.


My work is an impression of my subject and I look at colour, line and form to reflect the seasons. I endeavour to convey my own style with positivity and imagination.

Jae Young Park


Woolscape - Healing Capsual, 61 x 73 cm, Oil on Canvas


Jae Young Park’s Woolscape series considers duals aspects of minimalism and realism. Almost meditative in its depiction of interwoven strands, the works question what it means to be an individual – each strand of wool takes the foreground as being part of a tightly-knit structure.

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