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Royal Arts Prize 2017 Winner Radan Cicen

Radan Cicen Royal Arts Prize Winner 2017

Radan Cicen is a London-based artist.


After attending fine art school in Istanbul she moved to London to study interior design and technology where her new surroundings had an impact on her to paint and design.


Her background in design, people around her and the nature of life influenced her painting. The majority of Radan Cicen’s work can be considered as Contemporary portraiture but she doesn’t limit her work to one topic alone and works on figurative, abstract, landscape and various scale of oil and mix technique paintings. Her background in design also influenced her method of painting and made her more creative for new ideas.


In her paintings, she explores the ideas of self, emotions and inner self, and its complexity. Her work is not rigidly planned out, rather, it is created spontaneously, which keeps it fluid and creatively free with full of opportunities.


She tries to convey her concept through layers of paint, making the layers of life within the body into a parallel skin story of our thoughts and its form. How each piece is interpreted differs from person to person, there is no right or wrong way to interprets these artworks.

"Within Colour" 

"Colour is a living energy just like light and sound. I wanted to explore the journey within through colours and shapes."

24 July - 4 August 2018

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